Sunday, February 23, 2014


9TH Men’s OPEN Semi Final Game
- ROK 57 FABA Dogs 47

Player of the Game- Chris Vann of ROK

Men’s 40/U Championship Game-
 Leon's BBQ
39 S3R Warriors36
MVP- Chris Laquindanum of Leon’s BBQ

9TH Men’s OPEN Semi Final Game- District Bullets 40 Team DC
Player of the Game- Justin Baker of District Bullets

4TH Men’s OPEN 5’11/U Championship Game
- Shockers 46 Washington
MVP- Noah Canlas Cruz (FABA’s 1st grand child)

9TH Men’s OPEN Championship Game- ROK 45 District Bullets 44
MVP- Chris Vann of ROK

arellanoThe 9th AABC Men’s OPEN came to a conclusion with ROK upended the defending champion, Deausen Group/FABA Dogs in semi-final and the 7-time Champion District Bullets in succession to capped its maiden year in the league. In its semi-final game against the defending champion, ROK broke free from a tight contest in the early stages of the second half after unleashing their stifling defense that the Deausen Group/FABA Dogs couldn’t withstand and weather the storm. Not to mention the sharp shooting display of their Big 3, Chris Vann, Billy Kim and Scott Yun who combined 13 three’s in a game.

In the other semifinal game, this game was so physical that you don’t want to pick any of them in a bar fight. It was a heavyweight match that both teams throwing haymakers at each other but in the end it was the imposing will and determination of the District Bullets proved to be the difference of the game at the end against Team DC a collection of the best Mongolian players in DC area. They are the strongest and hardest playing team in a league. Their mind set is way totally different than others; workman like fashion with a take no prisoner attitude. A team on the rise. 

In the championship game between the ROK and District Bullets, this is by far the best championship game in the history of FABA's AABC. It surpasses the final game last season with the Deausen Group escaping from VA Tropics who had 2 chances with the last attempt at the buzzer to win the game outright. This time ROK jumped all over District Bullets as they still carried the effects of their bruising game against Team DC in the semifinal game an hour earlier. ROK sensed that and built a 12 points lead in the 1st half. Then before the 1st half ended, District Bullets shook off the effects and scored the final 5 points of the half to cut the deficit to 7 points and momentum is on their side heading the final stanza.

At the opening salvo of the 2nd half, District Bullets showed why they are the 7 time Champion of this league as they started to clamped them down on defense that flustered ROK and went ahead by 2 points after a 9-0 run led by their mainstay and still consider the AABC's best player, Justin Baker of the District Bullets. From this point on it became a battle of nutrition as both teams trading baskets. With about 35 seconds, District Bullets clinging to a 3 points lead, Chris Vann of ROK hit a tough fade away corner 3 to even up the score. In the ensuing possession, Bassem Ammoury of District Bullets found himself in the elbow and hit a turn-around jumper to put his team up by 2 with 22 seconds left. ROK immediately called time out to set up a play but the District Bullets broke the offensive set that they were trying to run forced Chris Vann of ROK to split up 2 defenders and found Andy Kim in the corner 3 to hit the go-ahead basket with 11 seconds left. District Bullets had a chance to win the game at the buzzer but mis-fired. As the buzzer sounded you can tell both teams were exhausted and they both knew that game could have gone either way. The mutual respect between the 2 combatants was evident at the end as they congratulated each other of a well-played championship caliber brand of play at its finest as ROK didn't celebrate due to fatigue. It was more like a relief and grateful that they came out on top while District Bullets only could pondered what could have it been if they were on the other side.

The atmosphere and the intensity level of this final game of the season was at its highest and felt like we were at the NATIONALS as it might as well be. This was the kind of game that made us feel so lucky and worthwhile to be running this league.   
Team Shockers was not ready to relinquish their dominance in the 5’11U Men’s OPEN especially against the surprising youngsters of Washington, a collection of 17U Fil/Am players. This upcoming players put up a good fight till the end but the depth inside, size, savviness and craftinest of their older counterparts serve futile in their quest of ending their dominance. They were like a bunch of gnats that won’t go away. Every time they threatened to break the game open this teenager’s will have an answer of their own. It is just a matter of time when they will catch up with their older brothers but this is not their time yet. Shockers completed their 3peat campaign of the 4th Men’s OPEN 5’11U.

Leon’s BBQ was too hot to handle and made their free throws at the end to pull out a tough match up against S3R Autoshop in the Men’s 40U division. S3R had a chance to go ahead in the waning seconds with an almost wide-open lay-up but missed that the other team capitalized at the end to put the game out of reach through their clutch free throws.

Now that the FABA’s Adult Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Edition is over, we would like to thank our dear Lord for guiding us for another successful season with no one suffering a major injury of all our players. We are thankful that we are continued to be blessed. To all the sponsors, fans, families and friends, THANK YOU!  And of course to all the players new and old it is you that keeps us doing what we’ve been doing, THANK YOU!

We just hope that we made each and everyone comfortable and feel that you are part of our organization as we always tried to foster inclusive and respectful environment.

Lastly, it is also our hope to see everyone this coming spring as we begin another chapter of AABC history.




As 2013 is about to end, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you who continued to support FABA.  This year is our 13th year in existence and it was special in its own right.  It has been a blessing to have all of you to be a part of FABA's family.

2013 is the most hectic, but a very satisfying year we have experienced and we would like to share what we have achieved.

FABA hosted the 1st Filipino Heritage Night during the NBA game at Verizon Center early this year.  We heard DMV-based Ms. Kriskaitlin Zabala rendering the Star Spangled Banner in front of a sellout crowd inside Verizon Center, as well as the Migrant Heritage Commission’s “Tinikling Dancers” who wowed the 20K in attendance during the halftime show of the Washington Wizards and New York Knicks match.

We saw our youth league blossomed in its 2nd year after a 3 year absence. A lot of young athletes came and developed their skills on the court. We saw the 8th time AABC Champion District Bullets (the most dominant team ever in FABA’s history) dominance ended in the hands of Deausen Group, the eventual Spring Champion.  Shockers winning the 3rd Men’s OPEN 5’11/U division championship back to back in the expense of the inaugural champion, Decepticons.

This summer, FABA hosted the FBA- NA Inter City Tournament in the heart of Washington DC inside Marriott Wardman Park Hotel and NEW 24 Fitness for the 2nd time.  We are honored to host this once-a-year most prestigious and competitive All-Filipino Tournament in this side of the States.  It also marked the first time a Hotel Ballroom was transformed into 4 regulation-size courts in the eastern seaboard and we are very proud of that accomplishment. The task was monumental and we could not have done it without everyone's help and support.  The “BAYANIHAN” spirit was in full display as various Fil-Am organizations in our area came together to volunteer in this event.

Then, the just concluded Fall Youth League.  We knew it will be a challenge but we have surpassed the task and ended in a big positive way.  Our AABC Fall Adult League got push aside to make way for our Youth, as we encountered gym cancellations due to wintry weather and school closings.  We apologize to all the AABC participating teams for the inconveniences it may cause but we will try our best to make it up for you.  Thank you for your understanding.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of our leagues and tournaments. It is not all about winning that matter most to us; it is the way we conduct ourselves on and off the court is what make us all winners. 

Finally, let us not forget our friends and families that were devastated by the recent tragedies in the Philippines.  FABA has raised funds through ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc. – Sagip Kapamilya and volunteered in local relief centers.  We are still accepting monetary donation for the rebuilding of distressed communities in those affected areas.  We fervently pray that they overcome all their trials and sufferings.
It has been an amazing year and as we close 2013, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!

We feel so blessed and we thank the Almighty God for all the Blessings we received this year.


FABA Officers and BOD’s

Monday, December 9, 2013

Team Scores

Monday, October 7, 2013

April 6, 2014

Mavericks 53 Trojans A 43 (Bantam)

Trojans 32 Trojans B 6 (Peewee)

WeOnFayah 66 Celtics 56 (HSD)
Trojans B 34 Showtime 16(Peewee)

Showtime 41 Power 26 (Bantan)
Green Eagles 36 Elite 13 (Peewee)

Deausen Group  53 Team DC 50 

ROK 55 Aryana 47

Shockers 48 Spartans 47

Hoops 38 Wizards 28 (Bantam)
DMV Warriors 55 Deausen Group 53
57 Oh Dang! 56
Slay City Arsenal 64 FIVE 61

Flash Mob
72 CT Cajuns 62
Decepticons 83 Avengers
Showtime 60 OT Bulldawgs 58
S3R Autoshop 54 Islanders
BMW of Fairfax 50 ABI Warriors 48   

March 29, 2014

Mavericks 67 Wizards 26 (Bantam)
Showtime 36 Trojans A 29 (Bantam)
Hoops 55 Power 34 (Bantam)
Trojans B 32 Elite 25 (Peewee)
Green Eagles 36 Showtime 22 (Peewee)
RMF 58 WeOnFayah 53 (HSD)
RMF 56 Celtics 47 (HSD) 

NOTE: Trojans (DA) has a bye week (Peewee)

March 23, 2014

Mavericks 59 Power Puff 27 (Bantam)

Showtime 41 Tigers 27 (Bantam)

Wizards 45 Power Puff 27 (Bantam)

Green Eagles 25 
Trojans 19 (Peewee)

RMF 57 WeOnFayah 43 (HSD)

Elite 20 Showtime 19 (Peewee)

WeOnFayah 80 OT Celtics 78 (HSD)

NOTE: Trojans I and II bye week (Peewee and Bantam)

High School Division Champion- Celtics coached by Glenn Espeleta
Most Improved Award- Chris Caliguiran
Sportsmanship Award- Javier Perdomo
Most Valuable Player- Tavon Gilbert

7th/8th Champion- Trojans coached by David Yee
Most Improved Award- Cole Guinther
Sportsmanship Award- Kate Abogado
Most Valuable Player- Drew Kim

Tykes Division Champion- Clippers by Ricardo Lorenzo
Most Improved Award- Jason Anastacio
Sportsmanship Award- Sean Gadia
Most Valuable Player- Lorenzo Snyder


Letter from the President of the Philippines

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


What a Game! Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Men's 5'11/U Division:

Spartans weren't denied this time when they upended the defending champion Decepticons 49-39 and got their revenge from them season after their painful exit last season in overtime with the same team.

District 6 overcame a shortage of players and outplayed Dark Knights 56-49.

Trojans were too strong and too experienced for their younger counterparts a collection of 15 to 17 years old their maiden year in the adult league 55-46.  This could be the break through year for this young ballers who had gained a lot of confidence and more added knowledge of the game as they continue to learn to fly.

Shockers got past Cautions to arrange an appointment with Trojans to the tune of 57-42 victory. Majority of the Shockers and Trojans players has been mixing up since they were boys at the tender age of 13 years old then 10 plus years later they still going at it. This could be the best game of this season and it will be classic in its own right.

Men's OPEN Division:

Leon's BBQ overwhelmed Demon Devils 66-45 as they cruised to advanced in the final game of the Men's OPEN Division. Another date with the 9th time Men's OPEN Division Champion District Bullets. They met them 3 times in the championship game and in all occasions District Bullets had the upper hand. They will try again and hoping this may be different but they have their hands full as District Bullets is heavily favored to win its unprecedented 9th straight Championship.

District Bullets dodged a bullet and have to overcome a 8 points deficit in the last minute of the game. Justin Baker clearly the most complete player of the league and been the best since the FABA's Asian League started in 2009 hit a back to back long 3's to put his team within 2 in the closing seconds of the game. Then improbable things happened to Antonio's/DMV Warriors that they basically gave this game away to District Bullets literally. The District Bullets came away with a 1 point victory that left the Antonio's/DMV Warriors stunned and in disbelief on what has just transpired moments ago while the other left the floor grinning on their way to another championship. Final score 66-65.


2014 Golf Tournament Soon!

2014 Golf Tournament Soon!