What a Game! Sunday, January 20, 2013

Men's 5'11/U Division:

Spartans weren't denied this time when they upended the defending champion Decepticons 49-39 and got their revenge from them season after their painful exit last season in overtime with the same team.

District 6 overcame a shortage of players and outplayed Dark Knights 56-49.

Trojans were too strong and too experienced for their younger counterparts a collection of 15 to 17 years old their maiden year in the adult league 55-46.  This could be the break through year for this young ballers who had gained a lot of confidence and more added knowledge of the game as they continue to learn to fly.

Shockers got past Cautions to arrange an appointment with Trojans to the tune of 57-42 victory. Majority of the Shockers and Trojans players has been mixing up since they were boys at the tender age of 13 years old then 10 plus years later they still going at it. This could be the best game of this season and it will be classic in its own right.

Men's OPEN Division:

Leon's BBQ overwhelmed Demon Devils 66-45 as they cruised to advanced in the final game of the Men's OPEN Division. Another date with the 9th time Men's OPEN Division Champion District Bullets. They met them 3 times in the championship game and in all occasions District Bullets had the upper hand. They will try again and hoping this may be different but they have their hands full as District Bullets is heavily favored to win its unprecedented 9th straight Championship.

District Bullets dodged a bullet and have to overcome a 8 points deficit in the last minute of the game. Justin Baker clearly the most complete player of the league and been the best since the FABA's Asian League started in 2009 hit a back to back long 3's to put his team within 2 in the closing seconds of the game. Then improbable things happened to Antonio's/DMV Warriors that they basically gave this game away to District Bullets literally. The District Bullets came away with a 1 point victory that left the Antonio's/DMV Warriors stunned and in disbelief on what has just transpired moments ago while the other left the floor grinning on their way to another championship. Final score 66-65.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


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